Positive behavior interventions and support

Students can earn Cat Cash daily which they can then use to buy incentives such as a trip to our school game room. We have been a PBIS Gold School for five years in a row.

5 promises

We ask teachers, students and parents to make certain commitments to each other regarding their participation in the life of Windsor Hills. They are: 

Commitment to Quality: “We do our best by giving 100% at all times. We understand there is always room for improvement.”

Contribution: “We take every opportunity to serve the school and the community. We seek ways to help others in need.”

Gratitude: "We will actively acknowledge the good things around us. We recognize the impact positive reflection has on others in our community."

Honor and Integrity: “We do the right thing even when no one else is watching. All of our actions represent who we are.”
Perseverance: “ We never give up even when faced with difficult challenges. We strive to accomplish all of our goals.”

Second step & community meetings

All students experience a once a week lesson on social-emotional learning. During these lessons teachers implement a program called "Second Step."

Each lesson also incorporates a class or grade-level wide community meeting. In these meetings students and teachers are able to give acknowledgements, offer apologies, and make announcements. Each teacher will also give out a 5 Promise bracelet, acknowledging a student who displays each month's focus:

  • September -- Commitment to Quality
  • October -- Contribution
  • November -- Honor & Integrity
  • December -- Gratitude
  • January -- Perseverance
  • February -- Commitment to Quality
  • March -- Contribution
  • April -- Honor & Integrity
  • May -- Gratitude
  • June -- Perseverance